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Institut výtvarných umění slaví 3. výročí

Institute of Fine Arts Celebrates 3rd Anniversary - obrázek

Institute of Fine Arts Celebrates 3rd Anniversary - obrázek

On November 7, The National Institute of Fine Arts’ Collectors celebrated their 3rd anniversary of the Institute established. Main object of the institute is to be not losing rare artworks of Mongolian fine art. Read...

Thus, P.Tsegmed said that “Mongolian artists was selling own rare creations to foreign tourists in 1990. But, we will not send our works of art from now”, at the anniversary.

Numerous artists and researchers of fine art such as people’s artists B.Chogsom, Ch.Gungaasukh, D.Monkhoo, lead of the agency P.Tsegmed and director of the Modern Art Gallery A.Chadraabal attended in the ceremony.

During the ceremony, a special exhibition was available for public viewing. There were paintings, ceramic and leader arts by young artists displayed in the exposition.

Source: UB Post


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