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Mezinárodní soutěž pianistů

Mezinárodní soutěž pianistů - obrázek

Mezinárodní soutěž pianistů - obrázek

The international contest of Pianists themed “Chopin and Mongolia of XXI Century” took place successfully in Ulaanbaatar from February 21 to 28, 2011 at the State Opera and Ballet Theater, on the occasion of the 201st Birth Anniversary of famous Polish composer Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin. More...

About 40 participants from Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Italy, France and Poland competed with each other in the international competition.

Mongolian representative B.Bat-Erdene won first place in the category “A” (16-25 age) and he will receive cash prize of MNT2 million.

Competitors Marko Puissa from Italy and E.Namuun from the College of Music and Dance at Ulaanbaatar were selected as second place winners. They will be receiving cash prize of MNT1.5 million.

Pianists Razumtseva Irina Vitalievna from Russia as well as B.Zolzaya from the University of Culture and Art took third place and they will be receiving money prize of MNT1 million.

In the “B” event (12-15 age), a Mongolian pianist A.Ariunzaya won first place and will be awarded MNT700, 000.
Runners-up of this category are E.Undral and E.Nomin. They also will receive cash prize MNT600, 00 and MNT500, 000 separately.

All winners will receive their awards at the closing ceremony of the international competition of pianists, which will take place in the State Opera and Ballet Theater on March 1, 2011.

Judges of the competition were Polish pianist Carol Radgivonovich, teacher of the Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Music and Theater Yakobson, teacher of the College of Music and Dance (CMD) Ch.Tungalag, famous teacher of the University of Culture and Art Ts.Enkhtor as well as a chief of piano’s faculty of the CMD D.Burmaa.

Source: UB Post


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