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Zahájení výstavy v Xanadu Art Gallery

Zahájení výstavy v Xanadu Art Gallery - obrázek

Zahájení výstavy v Xanadu Art Gallery - obrázek

At the Xanadu Art Gallery, an opening ceremony of the annual joint exhibition will be held at 4:00pm on Today (September 28). Read more...

A special of this exhibition is artist from the Xanadu Art Gallery B.Ganbaatar is to host his solo exposition jointly with other artists. 

A total of seven artists including A.Uuganbayar, E.Gansukh, B.Erdenebat, A.Ankhbaatar, G.Amgalanbaatar, D.Khaliun and B.Ganbaatar will display their paintings about Mongolian beautiful land in the fourth annual exhibit named “Setgegdeld torson baigali-4”.

There will be on display over 30 works of art such as “Morning of Khyargas”, “Visitors”, “Beck of Mountain”, “Sudalbar” and “Sun of Morning” in the joint exhibition.

These seven artists graduated from the Fine Arts Institute and the exhibition will run in the art gallery until October 12, 2010.

Source: UB Post 28.9.2010


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