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Přípravy 6. ročníku výstavy "MINETECH 2013" jsou v plném proudu

Mongolian National Mining Association (MNMA) is organizing the "MINETECH 2013" Mining Equipment Producers, Suppliers and Service Providers' Exhibition and Trade Show for the consecutive sixth year in Ulaanbaatar, this year's event will take place at "Misheel Expo" Center on March 27-29, 2013.
According to organizers over 70 entities from Australia, China, Germany, Russia, South Korea, United States, and Mongolia will participate, where "Transwest Mongolia" LLC, "Everdigm Mongolia" LLC, "Wagner Asia Equipment" LLC are to take part as main sponsors. Read more...
During the exhibition there will be procurement seminar, company promotions, bowling competition among participants, and "Association Day".
In recent years, benefits from the mineral sector to the countries' social and economic development are rapidly growing in the past years. The sector is unimaginable without producers and suppliers of heavy machinery and equipment, geophysics, drilling catering service providers.
It is a brilliant opportunity for mining entities and equipment producers, suppliers and service providers to get meet, to study mining equipment and machineries, to advertise their activities and to find necessary services for their mines. This kind of matchmaking activity is vital for countries like Mongolia, where mineral sector grows with tremendous speed.
On the other hand, it will be a single opportunity for people to see mining heavy machineries, equipments, special outfits and accessories. This Exhibition and Trade Show is crucial to bring true and realistic information regarding mineral sector to the public.
For this reason, the MNMA organizes the MINETECH Exhibition and Trade Show in order to fill out this space, to support mining equipment producers, suppliers and service providers and to promote mining development in Mongolia.

Source: InfoMongolia
05.07.2013 12:01:05
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