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Blíží se mezinárodní kongres mongolistů

Blíží se mezinárodní kongres mongolistů - obrázek

Blíží se mezinárodní kongres mongolistů - obrázek

Under auspices of the President of Mongolia, the 10th international meeting of Mongolists will take place August 9-13 in Ulaanbaatar. Co-organized by the International Association of Mongolian Studies, the Academy of Sciences and Mongolia's State University (MSU), this meeting will run under a topic "External relations of Mongolia and historical experience", dedicated to the biggest anniversaries of Mongolia. Read more ...

Invitations have been sent to some 500 scholars of over 30 countries, 200 Russian scientists have already expressed a willingness to participate in the meeting so far. This international gathering has been organized from 1959 every five years with goals to propagandize the independence of Mongolia to the world countries.

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