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Mezinárodní setkání mongolistů v Ulánbátaru pokračuje...

Mezinárodní setkání mongolistů v Ulánbátaru pokračuje... - obrázek

Mezinárodní setkání mongolistů v Ulánbátaru pokračuje... - obrázek

In a scope of the 10th international meeting of Mongolists, a sub-meeting entitled “External relations of Mongolia and diplomacy” started Thursday in the Mongolian State University (MSU). More...

It has been co-chaired by professors L.Khaisandai and N.Altantsetseg. Reports on the foreign relations have been delivered at the meeting by scientists of Mongolia, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, the Republic of Korea, India and Hungary.

For instance, a Russian scholar Ye.I.Boikova has given a report themed “90th year of the Mongolia-Russia relations and their outcomes”, and a scholar from the Republic of China E.Naran has delivered a report called “Foreign policy of Mongolia and relations of the neighbor countries”.

A report themed “Relations between the People's Republic of Mongolia and Japan in 1945-1947” has been delivered by a Japan's scholar as well. From Mongolian scholars, a Minister-Counselor of the Mongolia's Embassy in China

Dr. Batbayar has delivered a report themed “Policy of the Third neighbor: Succession of the foreign policy of Mongolia (1911-2011)”, and an Ambassador O.Nyamdavaa-a report themed “Mongolians of renaissance period of Mongolia”. Other reports have been given by Mongolians. The international meeting will last until Friday.

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