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Stát bude podporovat mongolistiku

Stát bude podporovat mongolistiku - obrázek

Stát bude podporovat mongolistiku - obrázek

President Ts.Elbegdorj has decreed the establishment of a “Fund for the Support of Mongol Studies.” More ....

He noted at the 10th International Mongolic Scholars meeting in Ulaanbaatar that the Government should pay attention to Mongol studies because the number of Mongolic scholars has decreased in recent years. He also said Mongolian history and culture require systematic study and the participation of foreign scholars.

The president’s decree directs the Government to support Mongol studies abroad, intensify research, train young researchers, and globally promote Mongol studies. He has also recommended starting a doctorate program at the Science Academy of Mongolia with the aim of training researchers. 

The fund aims to support Mongol studies at the international level; preserve Mongolian history, language, and culture; train young Mongol researchers and scholars; and introduce Mongol studies to the world. 
Source: news.mn
23.01.2012 22:14:21
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