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Začalo mezinárodní setkání mongolistů...

Začalo mezinárodní setkání mongolistů... - obrázek

Začalo mezinárodní setkání mongolistů... - obrázek

The 10th international meeting of Mongolists kicked off Tuesday in the Government House. Read more..

It has been dedicated to several important dates such as the 2220th Anniversary of the Founding of Mongolia's Statehood-- Hun Empire, the 805th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire, the 100th anniversary of the National Revolution of Freedom, the 90th anniversary of the People's Revolution and the 50th anniversary of Mongolia's joining the UN.

Held under auspices of the President of Mongolia, this year's meeting has brought together some 200 Mongolists from Austria, the Great Britain, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Norway, Russia, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, Turkey, Hungary, Finland, France, China, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, India and Japan. Some 100 Mongolian scholars are taking part in the meeting to deliver reports on research works.

The key topic of the 10th meeting is “External relations of Mongolia and historical experiences”. Five sub-meetings will run under themes “Pre-historic and historic periods of Mongolia and outer world”, “Urgent problems facing Mongolian language and culture”, “Mongolian economics and politics”, “Mongolian foreign relations and diplomacy” and “Mongolia's independence and revolution”.

The gathered aim to pay a special attention to such issues as historical tradition of Mongolia's external relations, the revolution of national freedom, the national independence, state policy, Mongolia's ancient and modern history, Mongolian socio-economics, language, literature, citizenship and cultural researches.

The State Head Ts.Elbegdorj has addressed the meeting. He has proposed to prepare next generation of Mongolists, to create a fund for Mongolian studies and to found the University of Mongolian Studies and Academic Center for Mongolian Studies.

As a dedication to this meeting, a secretary-general of the Association of Mongolian Studies Mr Sh.Bira has published a book named “Tengerism of Mongolia”. The academician began dealing with this topic from 1980s. “I spoke about it at a meeting on Altai studies in 1986. Also, I delivered a report themed 'Mongolian Tengerism and Globalization' when receiving a prize of the Royal Society of Britain in 2002,” Sh.Bira has said. “Tengerism originates from shamanism that admires Eternal Heaven. In times of the Great Empire, Tengerism was developed as a state concept. It was a basis of the policy that united the world under Tengerism. The globalization is not a modern phenomenon. I consider that the globalization was a concept maintained by Chingis Khaan and Khubilai, and the Tengerism is a father of globalization. Motherland of Tengerism must be Mongolia,” Sh.Bira has said.

On occasion of the 10th international meeting of Mongolists, some scholars and researchers of Mongolian studies were awarded Tuesday state prizes pursuant to a decree of the President.
An executive director of the International Association of Mongolian Studies Dr. Ts.Ishdorj has become the State Honored Figure for Sciences for his contribution to developing of Mongolian studies at international arena.
The North Star Order has been bestowed upon Dr. Vladimir Graivoronsky, a manager of the Sector of Mongolian Studies of the Oriental Institute at Russia's Academy of Sciences; Masaru Hashimoto, a honorary professor of the University of Osaka on Foreign Studies; and Choi Gi Ho, a rector of "Ulaanbaatar" University.
The Honorary Medal of Labor and the Medal of 90th Anniversary of People's Revolution have been given to other scholars.

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