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Eagle Festival byl uspořádán v ajmaku Tuv

Eagle Festival Held in Tov Province  - obrázek

Eagle Festival Held in Tov Province - obrázek

The Eagle festival took place by the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism; Association of Mongolian Eagles as well as the Nomads tourist camp at the “Chingisiin khuree” tourist camp of Tov province, on March 5. An opening ceremony was started at 10am and participants joined the parade on horse ride with their eagles. Read more...

The festival was begun with each Kazakh displaying his hunting outfit and accessories.

To show the wonders of this unique hunt, a total of 21 hunters and their eagles competed with each other in the Eagle Festival. Also, competitors’ eagles hunted a fox and a wolf.

Then, 72 years old participant B.Tenelkhan with his 1 year old eagle Manapan won first place in the Eagle Festival-2011.
Tenelkhan said that “I domesticated the eagle during three months. I think that I will train eagles and will hunt with my eagles until 80 years”.

Next runners-up are K.Satiboldi, Sh.Jeken, A.Muratkhan and A.Shaimurat.
In addition, the Eagle festival has been organized every year since 1999. An interest of foreigners in this hunt has been increasing.

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