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“Five Color” - výstava v hotelu Ulánbátar

Nový příspěvek - obrázek

Nový příspěvek - obrázek

Mongolian five photographers and journalists opened their joint photo exhibition entitled “Five Color” on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Mongolian Journalists’ Organization was formed and the International Women’s Day, on March 4-7, at the Ulaanbaatar Hotel. Read more...

These photographers are a photographer of “Unuudur” (Today) Newspaper G.Erdenetuya, photographer from “Odriin Shuudan” newspaper T.Chimgee, photographer from “Ardchilal” newspaper Sh.Otgonjargal and assistant chief of “Monnis” Company S.Badamkhand.

There were over 100 photos on display in the exhibition. In addition, the organizers are planning to hold again this exhibition in another place from March 10.

Source: UB Post


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