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JIž 3. filmový festival EU běží 22.-25.11.2012 v UB !

3. filmový festival filmů z Evropské unie běží 22-25.11.2012 v UB - obrázek

3. filmový festival filmů z Evropské unie běží 22-25.11.2012 v UB - obrázek

The III annual European Union Film Festival in Mongolia is being held this year in Ulaanbaatar on November 22-25, 2012. The EU Film Festival is organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia in partnership with the Black Box Theatre and Globe International NGO. More...

Every year, the EU Member States are invited to showcase one recent, popular, and successful film from their own country. The 10 EU member states that were chosen to participate in this year's festival are mainly countries which have an Embassy in Mongolia, or those which have maintained strong political, economic and cultural ties with Mongolia for many years.
For the EU Film Festival's third annual showing, the 10 countries are: Cyprus, Greece, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Denmark.
This year, the films on offer are truly diverse, including dramas, comedies, thrillers, and romantic films. Such a wide selection will enable the Mongolian general public to discover how European cinema can be moving, exciting, hilarious and engaging.
Since Cyprus is currently holder of the EU Presidency, the opening film will be the Cypriot dark comedy, Small Crime. It will be shown at the Black Box Theatre at 08:00pm on Thursday, November 22. At the opening ceremony EU Ambassador Marcus Ederer, will be in attendance, as will EU Ambassadors in Ulaanbaatar as well as Ambassadors accredited to Mongolia and residing in Beijing. Additionally, various high-level officials from the Mongolian Government, including Ms. Ts.Oyungerel, the Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia will attend also.
Program for November 22-25, 2012
Black Box Theatre, Ulaanbaatar
Thursday, November 22
08:00pm - “Small Crime” (Cyprus)
Friday, November 23
02:00pm - “The Little Dolphins” (Greece)
06:00pm - “Leaving” (Czech)
08:00pm - “A Breath of Heaven” (Austria)
Saturday, November 24
02:00pm - “SOS Love” (Hungary)
06:00pm - “The Emotionals” (France)
08:00pm - “Sun Alley” (Germany)
Sunday, November 25
02:00pm - “The Undercover War” (Luxembourg)
06:00pm - “Essential Killing” (Poland)
08:00pm - “The Experiment” (Denmark)

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