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“Mongol 360 Exhibition” začíná...

“Mongol 360 Exhibition” začíná... - obrázek

“Mongol 360 Exhibition” začíná... - obrázek

The Mongolian fine art's "Mongol 360 Exhibition" has officially opened. More than thirty works by artists from twelve countries such as Mongolia, England, France, China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Germany are featured in the exhibition exploring variety of themes such as politics, calligraphy, and hand crafts. Most of the art work featured at the two week long exhibition expresses and shows the relationship between people who are greedily digging up the earth and the environment. More...

Many works such as the Tatvargui baraa (tax free product) by Sh.Chimiddorj, photos of D.Batzorig, calligraphies and stone collection of Japanese artist Natsuko Uchino and works of Maro Avraboy, Thomas S.Chung, Marcus Vinicus and Marne Lucas caught the attention of art lovers. Another work that stirred up emotion and conversation was the “shovel”which was painted gold. Its handle is made of Uni (poles that is used for setting up a ger) and gem stones are also placed on the shovel. It illustrates that Mongolia is abusing nature.
During the event we clarified few things about the artists.
Artist Sh.Chimiddorj stated, “A year ago, an arts competition was announced and the winners were to be featured in this exhibition. With my work titled Tatvargui baraa, I wanted to say and encourage everyone to love beautiful nature and to stop destroying and digging up every piece of land. Mongols revered the mother lands and were superstitious about moving even a single rock from its position. I want to encourage everyone to doing something that is useful to the nation and to say that they should be taxed.”
President of Khukh Nar Centre D.Batzorig has featured his work expressing how the environment is being violated. He states, “I wanted to illustrate with my work that human intellect is superior to natural resources. Man is born naked from its mother. It isn’t born with material wealth. The human kind has high intellectual potential and a potential to be great. But I want to remind everyone that the environment and nature is above this.”

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