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Mongolská muzea se připojila ke světovému projektu “Virtual Collection of Masterpieces”

Mongolian Museums Join World Museum - obrázek

Mongolian Museums Join World Museum - obrázek

Mongolian five museums including the National Museum, the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum, the Theater Museum, Choijin Lama Monastery Museum and Modern Art Gallery are included in Fund of Masterpieces from the World’s Museums, under the project of “Virtual Collection of Masterpieces”.  More read...

There are united with 25 museums of all over the world such as from Amsterdam, Beijing, Dublin, Paris, Seoul and London in the foundation.

A total of 58 creations from Mongolian museums are being registered in the fund; for example: “One day in Mongolia” by “Funny” B.Sharav; photo of Bogd Khaan’s wife - the Ekh Dagina (Dakini Mother) Dondogdulam and her kids; Deel (gown) in XIII century; felt in Hunnic Empire; shaman’s costumes; horse-head fiddle; and images of Buddha “Jamsran” and “Maidar”.

 If you want to read more, please visit to http://masterpieces.asemus.museum/ Default.aspx.




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