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Morinchúrový soubor slaví 20. výročí své existence

Morinchúrový soubor slaví 20. výročí své existence - obrázek

Morinchúrový soubor slaví 20. výročí své existence - obrázek

The State Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia held a press conference at the State Philharmonic Orchestra on October 1. The representatives of the ensemble included the following: the Director of the Ensemble - B.Purevsaikhan, General Conductor - Ts.Batchuluun, Morin khuur player - Ch.Uugantuya, Chief Executive of MIG Daatgal LLC (which is a general sponsor of the ensemble), G.Bat-Orshikh, and composer D.Tuvshinsaikhan.  More ...
They held a press conference to inform the media about the 20th anniversary of the ensemble. During the press conference MIG Daatgal LLC gave a set of clothing to each of the 34 artists. The company vowed it would renew the clothing of the ensemble every five years.
The ensemble is also going to release a DVD and book which is a compilation of photos, albums, documentary films, television programs and a collection of the best works depicting the 20 year history of the ensemble. General Conductor of the ensemble, Ts.Batchuluun, stated, “We didn’t realize how much work the journalists have done for 20 years. They wrote a lot about us. We realized that it was the journalists who were writing the true history of our ensemble when we were compiling materials. We are so grateful to all of you. There are very few articles by professional art critics. In fact, we could see that the journalists did the jobs of art critics.”
The UB post previously reported that the State Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and presenting special performances as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The‘Mongoliin Saikhan Oron’ (Beautiful Mongolian country) concert will be held on the 9th of October,the ‘World Music and Morin Khuur’ concert will be on held on the 10th of October, the final ceremony and concert will be held on the 12th of October at the Central Cultural Palace.
The State Morin Khuur Ensemble was first established in 1992 with 28 artists and musicians. The youngest musician at the time was only in the eighth grade at secondary school while the oldest was a fourth year student at university. The composition of the ensemble has been renewed four times since then and now most professional Morin Khuur players have Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

Source: UB Post

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