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N.Jantsannorovův balet vystupuje dne 30.-31.1.2011

N.Jantsannorovův balet dne 30.-31.1.2011 - obrázek

N.Jantsannorovův balet dne 30.-31.1.2011 - obrázek

The National Song and Dance Ensemble will perform national ballet themed “Mergend buusan chono” based on Ts.Tumenbayar’s composition in the frame of 2220th Anniversary of Khunnu State. Read more...

Famous Mongolian composer, state prize winner N.Jantsannorov wrote the national ballets that show Mongolia’s the first governmental state Khunnu state and King Modun Shaniyu. The ballet will be performed before Tsagaan sar on January 30, 31.

Artists A.Davaakhuu, O.Tulga, J.Mandukhai and M.Byambaa will star in the ballet. In the interest, N.Jantsannorov did not previously write play with song, ballet and opera composition and Mergend buusan chono is his first musical play.

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