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Státní představitelé navštívili muzeum

Státní představitelé navštívili muzeum  - obrázek

Státní představitelé navštívili muzeum - obrázek

An opening of the Museum of Mongolia's Parliament Development ran Wednesday in the State Ceremonial Hall. Its first visitors have become President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj, Speaker of Parliament D.Demberel and Prime-Minister S.Batbold. Read...

In this museum placed are the exhibits such as the State "Khas" stamp, made of precious stones, and symbolic things that were used in different times by Upper and Lower Houses, a temporary Pеорle's Congress /Assembly/, the Great Khural of People's Republic of Mongolia, the State Small Conference and by parliament members. There are, for example, documents on political resolutions, eyeglasses and stationary's of Prime-Minister A.Amar, a notepad of the late S.Zorig MP, the stamps used by a President and a Vice-president, a bell of His Highness Khamba Lama D.Choijamts that was used by Speaker during meetings and many other interesting staff.

The "Khas" stamp of the Great Mongol Empire's times weighs 28,1kg, is made of and decorated with steel, gold, silver, malachite and sandalwood root. To be precise, the stamp was used in the period from Chinggis Khaan to Ligden Khaan.
After the museum the heads of the three powers signed in the Guests' book and visited photo exhibition.

Source: MONTSAME 21.10.2010


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