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Umělec M.Tsogtsaikhan vystavuje v Denveru

Umělec M.Tsogtsaikhan vystavuje v Denveru - obrázek

Umělec M.Tsogtsaikhan vystavuje v Denveru - obrázek

Mongolian artist M.Tsogtsaikhan will organize an opening ceremony of his solo exhibition themed “Nomadic Spirits” in the Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery at Denver, Colorado from November 12 to 28, 2010. More...

There will be on display a number of new sculptures and paintings in the exposition.

Artist Tsogtsaikhan “Tsogo” was born and raised in the heart of the luminous mountains of Mongolia. From a young age, Tsogo’s artistic talents were vibrant. He grew up in a society of parallel dysfunctions, a mix of ancient Buddhist influence and Communist authority.

Tsogo graduated with a BFA in traditional Mongolian arts, and a MFA in graphic design in Europe.

Tsogo’s contemporary works are influenced majorly by symbols and concepts of Mongolian folklore while his traditional artworks portray nomadic Mongolian life.

Tsogo has had numerous exhibitions in Mongolia, Hungary, Germany, Russia and the United States. His artworks are owned by noble peace prize laureate, the 14th Dalai Lama, the president of Mongolia, the Denver Art Museum and many fine art galleries around the world.

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