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Ancient Tribe Commander Tomb Displayed  - obrázek

Ancient Tribe Commander Tomb Displayed - obrázek

On March 10, an interesting exhibition opened at the Zanabazar Fine Art Museum. There are treasures of tomb, which was discovered six meters underground in area named Shoroon Bumbagar at Zaamar soum, Tuv Province in 2002. More...

International archaeological expedition explored the finding on August of 2009. Leads of the research team were scientists from the Mongolia, Tibetan and Buddha’s Studies Academy in Buryat, Russia and the International Academy of Nomadic Culture Studies A.Ochir, S.V Danilov, researcher L.Erdenebold, and A.Buraev.

The finding is a tomb of army commander of the Pugu tribe. There were many objects made of mud and wood such as image of male person, dolls, horses, camels, cows, lions, and dragons.

Restorers from the Cultural Heritage Center S.Chinzorig, D.Nyamdorj, B.Myagmarsuren and N.Jambal cleared these findings from August, 2010 and finished.

Source:  UB Post


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