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Výstava umění Sri Chinmoy se otevře v UB

Sri Chinmoy Art Exhibition Opens in UB  - obrázek

Sri Chinmoy Art Exhibition Opens in UB - obrázek

An official opening ceremony of the painting exhibition of a famous Indian poet, writer, artist, philosopher and spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy took place on November 16 at the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum. The exhibition is named “Jharna-Kala”, meaning Bengali for “fountain-art”. Read more...

Sri Chinmoy Center in UB is organizing this event and a good friend of Sri Chinmoy Mongolian professor S.Tserendamba and state prize winner artist S.Sarantsatsralt attended in the opening ceremony.

There are on display about 80 works of art by well-known artist Sri Chinmoy in the exposition, which will free for public for a month.

Artist has been organized previous the exhibition named “Jharna-Kala” in the art galleries of so many countries such as the United Nations at New-York,  the National Gallery at London, UNESCO at Paris, USA Senate as well as the National Gallery of Canada.

Source: UB Post


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