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Vystoupení skupiny "Three girls"

Nový příspěvek - obrázek

Nový příspěvek - obrázek

A first-ever concert by the famous Mongolian local band called “Three Girls” will take place on April 22nd and 23rd at the Royal Hall of the UB Palace. The band will sing old and new songs as well as several folk songs during the performance named “Real Love”. More...

Mongolia-born singer Borkhuu Amarkhuu, winner of Russian Pop Idol Contest, will perform with the band during this concert. He is currently living in Moscow, and is a member of Russian boy band named the “Prime Minister”.
Dancers from the Sarny Chuulga Ensemble, musicians Purevsukh, Odkhuu, Badii and Gerlee will also perform.
The band “Three Girls” consists of the three girls Uyanga, Solo and Anu and was founded in the year 2000. But, one of the founding members Uyanga left the band and Ankhmaa became the new member in 2005.

The Following is a Short Interview with G.Ankhmaa:

-Hello? Please tell me about the concert “Real Love”?

-Good afternoon. We have do not have much free time since we are of preparing for the first-ever concert. We have waited so long for this day. Producer of the concert will be N.Ononbat, who is the head of the music company called “On and Off”.

-Why did you named this concert as “Real Love”?

-Because of our love for music is real and heartfelt. Our last video album’s name was also “Real Love”.

-How many video clips and songs, do you have?

-There are over 10 video clips. Me my band will be a living a green limb, of the Mongolian music tree.

-Will you be changing the name of the band  from “Three Girls”?

-We haven’t decided yet. The name-Three Girls is a favorite of the public. Thus, maybe, it will not be changed. On the contrary we are grown-up woman now and that is the main reason to think about a new name. We will decide what to do about this matter after the concert.

-Good luck for the concert.

-Thank you.

Source: UB Post


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