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Kabinet vyjádřil podporu 26 projektům ve čtyřech prioritách

Kabinet vyjádřil podporu 26 prioritních projektů ve čtyřech prioritách - obrázek

Kabinet vyjádřil podporu 26 prioritních projektů ve čtyřech prioritách - obrázek

The Cabinet Announced 26 Projects in Four Priorities,

Priority 1.
“Oyu Tolgoi” Project.
  Copper Concentrate Plant. Capable to process 100,000 tons of ore a day and 35 million tons of ore a year. The production capacity will be upgraded to 150,000 tons a day and 56 million tons a year.

“Tavan Tolgoi” Project. Projected to mine 20 million tons of coal and produce 15 million tons of concentrated coal a year.

“Copper Mill” Project.  70 thousand tons of cathode copper will be produced a year. “Black Metallurgical Complex” to melt 2 million tons of steel and manufacture big railroad products, including rails, and some big metal structures.

“Coke-Chemical Plant” Project.  Production of gas emitted from coke plant, bitumen and other chemical materials. Ore Refinery – its technology relying on domestic resources shall meet international standards.

“Coal-Chemical Plant” Project.  Chemical plant will be built on coal deposit. “Building Material Plant” Project – the Sainshand Cement Factory will produce 1 million tons of cement a year, while other projected factories will produce 110 thousand tons a year. Building Metal Structure Factory – 2 million tons of metal structures. Ceramic Work Factory – 50 million pieces of work a year. In addition, factories of heat insulation products and blocks materials are planned for construction.

Priority 2.
“Healthy Food” Cattle Health Improving and Meat & Milk Production increasing project.
Intended to produce 50 thousand tons of meat and 20 thousand liters of milk based on integrated livestock farming. Cow farms of up to 8, 000 heads of cow will be established nearby settled villages.

“Irrigated Crop & Vegetables Production Support” Project. Under this project, it is planned to harvest wheat from 25 thousand acres of land, vegetables from 10 thousand acres and cattle fodder from 5 thousand acres, respectively.

“Stock Exchange for Agricultural Product & Materials” Project. Designed to produce final products of agricultural raw materials.
“High Technology Industrial Complex, Science-Industrial Park” Project. Designed to build 22 high-tech facilities capable to realize sales worth about US$2 million a year altogether.

Priority 3.
“Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant” Project.
Capable to 400.0MW electricity. It will be connected to central energy system and will employ the latest technology.

“New Railroad” Project. It includes the construction of basic infrastructure for the rail line of Tavan Tolgoi – Gashuunsukhait, for the rail line of Nariin Sukhait – Shivee Khuren and for the 400km-long rail line of Tavantolgoi-Tsagaan Suvarga-Zuunbayan-Sainshand.

“Water Supply of Gobi Region from the Orkhon River” Project.  It is intended to solve the water supply of Gobi region in a complete way, by supplying the water at the capacity of 2.500 liters per second.

“Ulaanbaatar City Autoroad Innovation” Project. Designed to re-build existing 350km long asphalt road together with its engineering facility and to build 212km long road with engineering facility, to expand the city’s road network. 

“Construction of Roads of International, National and Local Significance” Project. Purposed to build 4500 km long asphalt road, covering multiple provinces such as Umnugobi, Dundgobi, Dornod, Bayankhongor, Khuvsgul, Zavkhan, Khovd, Bayan-Ulgii, Gobi-Altai and Uvurkhangai.

“Altanbulag-Ulaanbaatar-Zamyn Uud Highway” Project. Construction of 990km long highway.

“Power Plant No.5” Project.  Intended to build a new source of heat and energy supply.

“Population Housing Supply” Project. It includes construction of new apartment blocks, development of ger districts into apartment districts, as well as the construction of big apartment blocks in provinces and satellite cities of the country. Under the project, about 63 thousand apartments will be built.

“Production of Energy from Wastes and Biomass” Project. It includes a factory capable to process 1.000.0 tons of wastes a day and a domestic gas by processing 250.0 tons of organic wastes and biomass a day.

Priority 4.
“IT Training & Development Vill” Project.
An outsourcing center to supply IT products both to domestic and international market and a IT engineers preparation center.
“University Campus” Project. It includes training-research-testing complex, hostels for students and teachers, social infrastructure facilities including, entertainment center, as well as parks and other necessary facilities, with complete engineering supply. Accommodation capacity is 20-25 thousand peoples.

“Khar Khorum – 13th Century” Tourism Project. Under the government task to receive one million visitors and tourists in a year, it includes construction of museums and sightseeing facilities with state of the art technology, as well as modern hotels and airport, in territory of Kharkhorin Soum, Uvurkhangai Province.

“Eco” Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Project. It is intended to introduce refuse-free technology to drain the waste of settled areas and tour camps, recycle it for agricultural purpose.

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