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Organizace spojených národů oceňuje iniciativu prezidenta

United Nations appreciates president's initiative  - obrázek

United Nations appreciates president's initiative - obrázek

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-moon has sent a letter to the Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj. Read more...

The letter states that the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon appreciates the State Head's initiative to arrange a cabinet meeting in Gobi which is the largest dry-land in Asia. The Secretary-General wished the President to pay more attentions to matters regarding to desertification which has been intensively running in Mongolia and aspects of the climate change to the world, during the upcoming a regular meeting of the Mongolia's government.

Mr. Ban mentioned that he visited Mongolia on July of 2009, and then noted that he deeply felt influences of the global climate change and desertification to herdsman families in Mongolia during a stay in Khustain Nuruu. "I understood that it is important to reduce hazards of climate change and to protect the earth's mineral resources including infertile and dry lands due to my visit to Mongolia," said Mr. Ban. He hoped that Ministers of Mongolia will also have such feeling during the cabinet meeting to be held in Gobi.

This month, the UN announced a 10-year campaign of fighting against desertification. Mr. Ban emphasized that desertification has become a urgent problem because it is causing threats to some one billion people in about 100 countries today. For example, the global security is facing dangers due to the global climate change, unsustainable development of agriculture and disordered use of water.

 "Climate change is accelerating desertification. I think we can slacken or stop desertification and can reduce poverty by increasing agricultural productions if we fight with climate change. Great efforts of countries and regions will play important role to tackle these problems," Mr. Ban stressed.

According to the letter, the UN Secretary-General confirmed that the UN will make all possible efforts to help Mongolia and other countries for adaptations in times of acceleration of drought, desertification and natural extreme climate.                 
The Secretary-General wished the cabinet meeting in Gobi success for works to overcome the above difficulties.


Source: MONTSAME  26.8.2010



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