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Premiér přijal pana Marcuse Ederera - velvyslance EU

Premiér přijal pana Marcuse Ederera - velvyslance EU - obrázek

Premiér přijal pana Marcuse Ederera - velvyslance EU - obrázek

The Premier S.Batbold met Thursday Mr. Marcus Ederer, the ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Mongolia and head of the EU's representative in Beijing, in conjunction with his presentation of letter of credence to Mongolia's President. The Premier has congratulated Mr. Ederer on becoming the ambassador to Mongolia. Read more...

          S.Batbold has thanked the EU for implementing various projects and programs and for rendering assistance to Mongolia in  eliminating aftermath of natural disasters such as drought and zud. Mentioning that the sides have initialed an agreement on partnership and cooperation, the Premier has expressed a satisfaction with a completion of the preparation for the agreement, and hoped it will be signed during his upcoming visit with authorities of the EU.
           The Premier has underlined an importance of the agreement in introducing the EU's standards in Mongolia in governance, and the sectors of service, industry, investment, and mining, and then said he wants the EU to open its representative in UB.
           In turn, Mr. Ederer has said the EU and Mongolia are about to sign the partnership and cooperation agreement, emphasizing its  importance in bringing the bilateral relations into a new level.
           Mr. Ederer has said he is very confident that assistance, project and program of EUR 8 million implemented by the EU will support the Mongolian government's initiative of introducing the European standards and norms.

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