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Trvale udržitelný rozvoj života je v Mongolsku nastartován !

Trvale udržitelný rozvoj života je v Mongolsku nastartován ! - obrázek

Trvale udržitelný rozvoj života je v Mongolsku nastartován ! - obrázek

The International Renewable Energy Organization /IREO/ in cooperation with the United Kingdom based Humanitad international NGO, has chosen Mongolia as the very first Flagship Pilot Nation for their newly launched, Exemplar-Zero Initiative-carbon-zero, sustainable development global initiative. Mongolia was announced the Flagship Pilot Nation during the official inauguration of the E-Z Initiative, held in New York on October 10-11, 2010. This news was reported Tuesday by the Mongolia's President's website. More...

Among the participants were: Founder of Humanitad as well as IREO Director General, Mr. Sasha Stone; IREO Secretary General Mr. Robson Mello; Chairperson of the Economic Innovations Committee of IREO and CEO of M-CAM, Dr. David E. Martin; Senior Advisor to the President of Mongolia, Mr. Tsagaan Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations, Mrs. Enkhtsetseg and others.

The initiates of the Exemplar-Zero Initiative assures the just and moral business principle under which the initiative would be implemented. More specifically, through technological investments in domestic businesses, science and research centers and institutions, as well as by issuing license as a way of improving Mongolia's technological competitiveness, the initiative would play a significant role in Mongolia's effort for achieving sustainable development.

The Exemplar-Zero Initiative is supported by the private sector; where the objectives of the initiatives cover a number of clean and sustainable development methods in various areas. The E-Z Initiative aims to achieve improvements in: a drastic mitigation of carbon dioxide emission to the point of zero; better usage of surface water; water purifying and recycling; installing in various production process new technologies that require as less water as possible; finding and implementing a the optimum heat and power resource in rural areas; increasing the participation of domestic sectors in production and mining development process. Moreover, in order to decrease the environmental-damage done by mining industries, importing and effectively utilizing the most advanced technology in copper, gold and uranium development; while using the latest transportation and logistic equipments as a way of decreasing air-pollution caused by old and worn-out machines.

Source: MONTSAME  13.10.2010



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