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Vyhlášení tendru pro vytvoření týmu "Rozvojové banky Mongolska"

Vyhlášení tendru pro vytvoření týmu "Rozvojové banky Mongolska" - obrázek

Vyhlášení tendru pro vytvoření týmu "Rozvojové banky Mongolska" - obrázek

Based on the Government resolution No195 dated on July 20, 2010 and the State Property Committee resolution No 346 dated on September 2, 2010, hereby, we are announcing the tender for the post of a competent international “Management team” of the “Development Bank of Mongolia” to carry out management activity of the bank..   Read more...

The State Property Committee (SPC) and National Development and Innovation Committee (NDIC) shall organize and put control on the tender implementation and Board of Directors of the Bank shall sign on the contract upon official authorization from the SPC and NDIC. 

Legal entity and its joint consortium are eligible to participate in the selection and shall be responsible for any consequences related to participation, and management team appointed by them shall perform the activity.        
    Members of the “Management team” shall have sufficient work experiences in development financing and other financial services at international level.     
    “Management Team” leader shall meet the following requirements. These are: 
•    Requirements indicated in the article 34.2 of the Law on Bank of Mongolia;
•    Be capable of mobilizing the funding from different sources for implementing large scale projects;     
•    Has a minimum of 10 years work experience in banking and finance sector /out of it, at least 5 years in development financing area,  and 3 years successful work experience in middle and senior management position/;         
•    No record of previous professional and ethical mistakes;     
“Management team” leader shall work as an Executive Director of the bank for contract period and shall include team member and members working direction and form in the bidding proposal.     

Civil Law of Mongolia, Law on Company; Law on Bank, State and local property Law; Labor Law, Development Bank’s bylaw and other relevant legislations shall be adhered in the selection process of the “Management team”.       
Bidding shall comprise of followings: 
а/   Official Letter of interest
b/   Information on bidder’s capacity 
c/   Draft Business plan 
d/   Total amount of fees for project implementation and payment proposal  
e/   Proposals on the draft Management contract

Official Letter of Interest 

All interested legal entities shall submit its official letter of interest indicating its participation in the tender of Management Team of Development Bank of Mongolia.  

Information on bidder’s capacity 

Bidders shall submit the following information on their capacity. These are:     
а/ Special permission and certifying information of legal entity and its registration number and place approved by the authorized institution; special permission on banking and financial institutions granted by the authorized institutions; information on main share holders of the entity;         
b/ Last five years’ financial statement of the legal entity authorized by the internationally recognized auditing institution; comprehensive introduction on business and financial capacity of the entity;      
 c/ Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae of Team leader and members indicating their work experience, qualifications, and achievements and at least two reference letters from current and previous employer;  
 d/ Bidder’s research paper on current situation of Mongolia’s banking and financial sector and conclusion/evaluation of establishing and achieving the Development Bank goals and objectives; activities; proposed action plan;         
 e/ Information on previous experiences of mobilizing funds from international market and comprehensive information on previously implemented such projects;    
 f/ Other additional information that is assumed necessary to submit by the bidder; 

 Draft Business Plan 

The bidder shall reflect analysis on specific features on Mongolian banking and financial situations and proposal on mobilizing financial resources into the business plan of Development bank of the year 2010-2015 in accordance with the International standards.

Total amount of fees for project implementation and means of payment

Total amount of fees for contracted work and its payment proposal shall be reflected in the  proposal for the draft Management contract.  

Proposals to the draft Management contract

The draft Management contract shall be delivered along with tender documents and bidders shall be acquainted with the contract and submit their offer together with their bidding proposal as an attachment.
Above mentioned materials should be submitted by an applicant or his/her authorized representative through post or express post.

International and national legal entities and their joint consortiums should submit their request for participation in the “Management team” tender by 15:00 pm of November 22, 2010 to the address below:

 KHERLEN Khishigjargal
A Director of  State Property management and privatization department
State Property Committee of Mongolia
Government Building IV, #413, Ulaanbaatar 11, Mongolia
Phone: 976-51-262847, Fax: 976-11-312798
E-mail address: kherlen@spc.gov.mn
Web page: www.spc.gov.mn
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