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World veterinary association experts work in Mongolia

World veterinary association experts work in Mongolia - obrázek

World veterinary association experts work in Mongolia - obrázek

A working group, comprising four experts from the World Veterinary Association (WVA), worked here August 2-13 according to a request Mongolia had put to the WVA. The experts have got au fait with structure of Mongolia's veterinary service, situation of vet organizations in localities, system of dealing with animal husbandry, besides, gave an appraisal of experiences and measures in combating livestock infectious diseases, of activities of the UB city and localities' vet centers.

In 2007, the WVA drew a conclusion on activities of Mongolia's veterinary sector, in accordance of which the government set up a department of vet service and breeding in 2008.                  

Considerable works have been done since to strengthen vet hospitals of aimags, train specialists, support private vet hospitals. Nonetheless, this sphere still has problems to be urgently tackled to make livestock healthy, export livestock and raw materials, increase effectiveness of the animal husbandry and to improve livelihood of herdsmen. 

The WVA experts concluded a present level of Mongolia's vet sector pursuant to the WVA-approved directives, made a prediction about further level of the vet sector, agreed with the Mongolian side to realize some goals and seek financial sources. 
The State Great Khural approved this year the "Mongolian livestock" national program to develop the animal husbandry in 2010-2021. The program involves a part on accommodating vet sector of Mongolia with international standards.
The government considers that the WVA experts' activity will give a significant contribution to attracting attention of donor- countries and international organizations to implementing the goals of the program.

Source: MONTSAME 24.8. 2010


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