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Czech, please ! (Czech Restaurant Bohemia in Ulaanbaatar)

Czech, please ! (Czech Restaurant Bohemia in Ulaanbaatar) - obrázek

Czech, please ! (Czech Restaurant Bohemia in Ulaanbaatar) - obrázek

Not "tootsoo avii" but "Czekh khool", and yes (surprisingly, or not surprisingly as we are in Mongolia which seems to be a country where anything and everything is possible) there is a Czech restaurant in UB !

Actually there’s probably more than one Czech restaurant, but I only know of the one on Baga Toiruu opposite and slightly South of the Flower Shop, called I’m not sure what but knowing Mongolia probably “Czech Restaurant” (click on the map) !

Now today’s rant is directed towards those who claim you don’t come to Mongolia for the food. Well…let me begin my argument by listing the cuisines I’ve sampled over the last 10 weeks in this snow-covered, freezing cold cauldron of fur jackets, slippery sidewalks and beeping SUVs: so there’s Mongolian (of course), Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, Mexican-Indian (again, only in Mongolia), Chinese, Russian, Thai, French and most recently Czech.

I’m not overly surprised that there’s a Czech restaurant in UB, as there are quite a few similarities between Czech and Mongolian cuisine. Both are quite heavy (ideal winter tucker), light on the vegetables (except for the ubiquitous green capsicum), big into meat of all different varieties, infatuated with all things white (Mongolian: dumplings, noodles, potato, bread and rice; Czech: dumplings, mashed potato and bread) and always accompanied by locally-brewed beer.

One notable difference, however, are the dumplings. When Czech’s say dumplings they mean bread. Czech dumplings, called knedliky, are boiled sliced delicacies made from wheat, potato, wheat and flour or stale bread. When Mongolian’s say dumplings they mean the steamed variety filled with meat.

Now on to the food at the so called “Czech Restaurant”: the schnitzel was a hit, with my fellow dinner claiming with glee that it was the best schnitzel she’d had in UB. The vegetarian noodle and potato dish was heavy but quite tasty and the roast meat served with potatoes and white sauce was enjoyed by five of the party. The beer flowed freely and refreshingly and the ice-cream accompanied with whipped cream and dollops of chocolate sauce drew screams of delight from those who dared and scornful looks from those sadly watching their waistlines.

If Czech is your thing, then head on yonder to the “Czech Restaurant” or whatever it’s called, as you’ll leave feeling full and nourished and of course warm with beer.

Now who ever said you don’t come to Mongolia for the food…


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