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'Khanopies Over Mongolia - Mongol Rally 2010'

Nový příspěvek - obrázek

Nový příspěvek - obrázek

A race from Spain to Mongolia in a really small car.  Uh, yeah...come again?

Put quite simply, the Mongol Rally is a race involving hundreds of teams attempting to drive around 10,000 miles from Europe to Mongolia over 4-6 weeks, using small (1.2ltr or less) vehicles completely unsuited to the task.  The teams must design their own routes, traverse between 7 and 12 countries, traveling on everything from bad roads to no roads with no support whatsoever (and while probably not understanding a word of the local language).  Sound crazy?  Probably so, but the point is to have a grand adventure while raising loads of money for some incredible charities. Read more....

Well, our crap car finally found us on May 1, 2010.  Turned out it wasn't such crap after all, but rather a pretty HOT little ride.  We've decided to go the 'public service vehicle' route, which this year includes cargo vans and single cab pickups. Our little 2WD Toyota Pickup features about 1.5 feet of space to store our belongings, a 22RE engine and currently sports a flaming paint job sure to attract the attention of every police car between London and UB.  Check out our pics in the Gallery and also check it out on our Facebook group page - 'Khanopies Over Mongolia - Mongol Rally 2010'.

As for our route, we are planning a journey which will take us through eastern Europe and to the north of the Black Sea through Ukraine, into Russia, then Kazakhstan, again into Russia and then across the whole of Mongolia, where their idea of a road is a set of dirt yak tracks.  Admittedly, we are planning a route based on the location of some of the cooler Eastern European and Ukrainian drop zones, in order that we can drop in, meet the locals, make a quick jump and be back on our way.  Hey, we are a team of skydivers after all!




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