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NAADAM festival 2010: Central Stadium Repairs Work to Finish Soon

Central Stadium Repairs Work to Finish Soon - obrázek

Central Stadium Repairs Work to Finish Soon - obrázek

More than MNT630 million was projected to be spent on this year’s Naadam festival, a traditional game of Mongolia or “The Three Games of Men”: wrestling, horse racing and archery as well as latest entry of anklebone shooting.

The country will celebrate three-day holiday on July 11-13 in commemoration of 804th Year of Great Mongolian State, and 89th Year of People’s Revolution.

Central Stadium, main venue for the festival, is currently under renovation project MNT146 million is being spent on the renovation of repainting seats, and restoration of roof that has been damaged in storm last May. More than 60 percent of work has been completed so far, the renovation is scheduled to be completed on July 8.

Also 3.6km long paved road being constructed to certain parking lots (parking permission “Ү”, “Г”) at the Khui Dolon Khudag, a horse racing field, would be finalized before Naadam opening. Three Mongolian road construction companies have been working on MNT1.1 billion budgeted project.

Also, around the Central Stadium, more parking spaces would be available this year. Eight different types of parking permission would be given to drivers, the newest permission “Ж” will be given to tourist buses. “А”, “Б”, and “Д” are reserved for vehicles of high level public officials and foreign diplomatic missions, while “Г”, and “М” for ordinary visitors.

“Parking permission “M” has two different types: one has parking rights only at the Khui Doloon Khudag horse racing field, and the other has both horse racing field and Central Stadium,” said an officer of the Naadam organizing committee. Parking permissions are available to buy at local district-level traffic police department.

Full program of the Naadam festival events has yet available for public, but as usual, Naadam organizing committee official said, formal events will start earlier on July 10 with National Flag hosting ceremony, dignitaries’ lay of wreath at the Sukhbaatar Statue, and pay tribute to the Statue of Chinggis Khaan.

Naadam opening will start at 10:00am at the Central Stadium after Nine White Banners of the State is welcomed at the main venue from the Parliament House, and the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj formally opens the festival.

Tickets to July 11 opening ceremony to be held at the Central Stadium will be from MNT10,000 to MNT20,000 depending on the seat. The second day tickets would be varied from MNT6,000 to MNT4,000.

In and around main venues of the festival, more than 500 privates businesses were granted permission to open shopping and fast food eating joints. No any individual is allowed to sell foods from hand.

More than 3,000 police officers will be on duty during three days, and from both local and foreign media, around 700 representatives are expected to cover this year’s Naadam festival.






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