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Mongolové žijící v zahraničí volí v prezidentských volbách

On May 2nd a commission established in a joint order by the General Election Committee and Minister of Foreign Affairs to allow Mongolians abroad to be involved in the Presidential Election and to collect their votes.The Presidential Election in Mongolia will run on June 26th. But Mongolians who live and worked abroad will vote for the Presidential Election on June 14th to 16th. More...
For the event sub-commissions will be established in the offices of 39 diplomatic representatives of Mongolia in various countries before May 5th.

Due to the Presidential Election the registering of Mongolians abroad continues.

Mongolians who work and live abroad should personally go to the office of their diplomatic representative of Mongolia and register for the election vote or register via fax, e-mail or phone.

According to a study by the State General Registration Office in preparation for the Presidential Election, 39,800 civilians were registered abroad in diplomatic representative offices of Mongolia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Election Committee are cooperating to count how many civilians there actually are abroad who are eligible to vote in the Presidential Election.

Source: english.news.mn
05.07.2013 17:35:18
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