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Dokumentární film “Wild Mongolia” v mongolské verzi se představuje...

Dokumentární film “Wild Mongolia” v mongolské verzi se představuje... - obrázek

Dokumentární film “Wild Mongolia” v mongolské verzi se představuje... - obrázek

An Austrian "InterSpot Film" Studio created a nature and wildlife documentary titled "Wild Mongolia under the Eternal Blue Sky" screened in the territory of Mongolia by Director Heinz Leger in 2006. The movie was first released in English and German languages, and the Mongolian version of the documentary (45 min.) with authorship was handed to the Minister for Nature, Environment and Green Development Sanjaasuren OYUN on December 19, 2012. More...

The “Wild Mongolia” received four Awards in 2007 from International Wildlife Film Festival (Finalist), International Festival of Mountain Films (Best Photography), Menigoute Festival ("Prix Paysages" 2nd), and Torelló Festival, Spain (Prize of the Jury, Edelweiss of Silver).
During the presentation ceremony Director Heinz Leger, who traveled throughout Mongolia particularly in special protected zones, said, “We tried to capture the most stunning, untouched landscapes on Earth which is found in the heartland of Asia. We felt the unique natural wonder of Mongolia during the screenshot. Mongolia is a land of immense natural wealth. We plan to produce the second edition in 2014 and the preparations works will start next year.”
About Wild Mongolia
This is an isolated area, giving sanctuary to animals. The rocky territory in the mountains of the North is shared by powerful Argali sheep and ibex. On these steep cliffs, the animals are safe from predators such as snow leopards that still hunt in these parts, although now very rare. The Southwest of Mongolia is home to the Mongolian Wild Horse, the ancestor of our domestic horse. They were discovered by the Polish colonel Nicolai Michailowitsch Przewalski in 1879 on the “Mountains of the Yellow Horses”. Just a hundred years ago, the last horse was killed in the wild, leaving only a few in zoos and animal parks. Yet a successful programme of reintroduction increased their population in their natural habitat and native lands. As well as the Mongolian wild horse, Asiatic wild ass live on these barren, arid steppes. In the interior of the Gobi desert, wild camels wander from oasis to oasis. Minus 40 degrees Celsius on freezing cold winter nights or +40 degrees on hot July days, these animals have adapted perfectly to the harsh circumstances. The east of the country holds the biggest area of grassland in Asia, in stark contrast to the harsh desert. In the early springtime, it hosts huge numbers of Mongolian gazelles. In places, more than a hundred thousand females give birth in the safety of the herd - a spectacle that attracts the attention of numerous hungry wolves. “Wild Mongolia” is a unique revelation of untouched nature and its amazing landscape in the heart of Asia.

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