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Mezinárodní sympozium o šamanismu v Ulánbátaru

Mezinárodní sypozium o šamanismu v  Ulánbátaru - obrázek

Mezinárodní sypozium o šamanismu v Ulánbátaru - obrázek

Mongol Genius Intellect "Manukol" Academy is organizing the "Shamanism and its Spirit" International Symposium in Ulaanbaatar city on September 20, 2012. More...

At the Symposium the representatives from Russia, China and South Korea are to attend at the invitation, where it aims to promote the true knowledge on shamanism in society being and to explain the distinct of Mongolian shamanism way, said President of “Manukol” Academy Dr. Z.Bat-Otgon.

Following the Symposium, the discussions themed “Shamanism Ritual and its Concepts” will be organized on September 21, where fellowships of the countries will deliver the current matters facing them, seek a way of resolving and exchange opinions on heathenism and practices to make a united solution.

“Manukol” Academy is a non-governmental organization serving and open for all Mongolian people and ethnic groups originating from Mongolia, which was formed on March 05, 2009. The Academy comprises of the Board of Members, Court Council, Scholars Council, Research Team and Executive members making a total of over 30 personnel.

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