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Mongolští buddhisté ignorují soudný den 21.12.2012

Mongolští buddhisté ignorují soudný den 21.12.2012 - obrázek

Mongolští buddhisté ignorují soudný den 21.12.2012 - obrázek

On December 21, 2012, the doomsday may or may not be happened, but in fact at least 25 million people in the United States think that there won't be a Christmas this year, because of the Mayan apocalypse, but the NASA scientists rejected this rumor and proved that there's nothing that's going to happen to the Earth, no cosmic catastrophe. More...

Even in Mongolia some people believe that the sun and moon will not be appeared on that date. In order to calm down this predictive panic, Mongolian Buddhist Association represented by its Leader, the Abbot of Mamba (Manba) Datsan Monastery D.Natsagdorj and six other Khamba Lamas (Abbots) from other monasteries have called a press conference on December 10, 2012.

Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj said, “According to the Buddhist calendar and horoscope, there is nothing will be happened to the Earth on Friday, December 21st or the 9th Day of the second winter month by lunar calendar. The Sun will be raised and the Moon will also be appeared as usual, moreover any natural disaster is not predicted on that day. Hence, the people of Mongolia will pass the day idyllically.”

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