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Mongolský imigrační úřad uspořádal setkání na téma "Mongolské státní občanství, Visa a povolení k pobytu"

Mongolian Immigration Agency, Government's Implementing Agency is hosting a meeting to give comprehensive information on "Citizenship of Mongolian Nationals, Visa and the Residence Permit" to be organized between 10:40 am and 12:40 pm at the Cultural Palace in Khan-Uul District of Ulaanbaatar on March 20, 2013.
According to the Law of Mongolia on Citizenship adopted on June 05, 1995, which is currently effective, here is below some Articles from the Law were brought for your consideration.Read more...
Law of Mongolia on Citizenship
Article 4. Inacceptance of Dual Citizenship
1. Mongolian citizens shall not be allowed to hold citizenship of more than one foreign nation at the same time;
2. If a foreigner wishes to acquire Mongolian citizenship, he or she shall be required to have lost citizenship of the relevant nation. If legislation of relevant nation provides for loss of its citizenship on acquisition of citizenship of another nation, then cessation of citizenship may not be required.
Article 7. Mongolian Citizenship of a Child
1. A child born when both parents were Mongolian citizens shall be Mongolian national irrespective of birth within the territory of Mongolia or outside it;
2. A child born on the territory of Mongolia from parents either one of whom is a Mongolian citizen and another is a foreign citizen, shall be considered as a Mongolian citizen. In case, when a child is born on the territory of a foreign country, his or her citizenship shall be determined on the basis of a written agreement between the parents;
3. A child born when one of parents was a Mongolian citizen and the other was a stateless person shall be Mongolian citizen irrespective of place of birth;
4. A child who is within the territory of Mongolia whose parents are not identified shall be Mongolian citizen;
5. A child who born from stateless parents permanently residing in the territory of Mongolia may have Mongolian citizenship, after reaching the age of 16, if he or she will to do so;
6. A Mongolian citizen who is adopted by a stateless person and who has not reached the age of 16 shall remain to be a Mongolian citizen.
Article 8. Acquisition of Mongolian Citizenship
A foreign citizen or a stateless person may acquire Mongolian citizenship in accordance with legislation.
Article 9. Conditions for Acquiring Mongolian Citizenship
1. The following conditions shall be met in order to acquire Mongolian citizenship:
1) One shall have the suitable living capability and resources,
2) One shall have the proper knowledge of Mongolian customs and official language of the State, and being permanently resided in Mongolia for the term of up to 5 years before the date of application for citizenship issues,
3) Other specific criteria as defined by the State Administrative Central body in charge of Mongolian citizenship on the basis of the state policy within the scope of provisions (1) and (2) of this paragraph,
4) One must not maliciously commit any crime within the period of time mentioned in (2) of this paragraph,
5) One's relationship with foreign countries, after acquiring Mongolian citizenship, must not prejudice to reputation and interest of Mongolia;
As amended on December 07, 2000.
2. The conditions provided for in paragraph 1 of this Article shall not be applicable to a case when a decision on acquisition of Mongolian citizenship is to be granted with respect to a minor person applying for a restitution of Mongolian citizenship on the grounds provided for in Article 14 of this Law;
3. The President of Mongolia may, without any regard to the conditions prescribed in (1), (2) of the paragraph 1 of this article, grant Mongolian citizenship to foreign citizens who have done a honor for Mongolia, have had a profession or an experience that are much needed in Mongolia, and have done or able to make an exceptional success in any field of science;
4. The Government shall approve Regulations for determination of the criteria prescribed in paragraph 1 of this article.
Article 11. Cessation of Mongolian Citizenship
A Mongolian citizen may upon his or her own request to withdraw his or her citizenship in accordance with procedure established by this Law.
Article 17. Allowing of cessation of Mongolian Citizenship by a Child on cessation of Mongolian citizenship by both parents or any of them
In case of cessation of Mongolian citizenship by one of parents their child under 16 years of age may be allowed to cease Mongolian citizenship on request of his/her parents upon their mutual written agreement.
Article 19. Powers of the President of Mongolia
The President of Mongolia within his or her full powers shall decide on the following matters:
1) to grant Mongolian citizenship to foreign citizens and stateless persons;
2) to allow to cease Mongolian citizenship;
3) to restore Mongolian citizenship.

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