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Vládní usnesení ze dne 16.3.2013

At the regular Cabinet meeting held on March 16, 2013, the following decisions were submitted:
- In the frames of partnership between the Governments of Mongolia and India, the Memorandum of Understanding was agreed to sign representing the Government of Mongolia by Minister for Education and Science Luvsannyam GANTUMUR. The Memorandum of Understanding aims to invite instructors from India in order to develop Buddhism and Sanskrit Studies at the National University of Mongolia.
- Minister for Economic Development Nyamjav BATBAYAR was permitted to establish a Concession Agreement on "Altanbulag - Ulaanbaatar - Zamyn-Uud" highway project, prior the project must be introduced at the Cabinet meeting. Read more...
- The following authorities were promoted for chairmanships:
N.Tegshbayar as the Head of Nuclear Energy Authority,
Ts.Jadambaa - Head of the Information, Communications Technology and Post Authority,
I.Narantuya - Head of National Department for Children,
A.Khurelshagai - Head of the Administration of Land Affairs, Construction, Geodesy and Cartography,
S.Buyandalai - Head of Civil Aviation Authority,
D.Enkhjargal - Head of the Procurement Policy Department,
M.Galbadrakh - Head of the Agency for Veterinary and Animal Breading,
G.Ulziiburen - Head of Oil Authority;
- Mongolia to celebrate the World Environment Day on June 01-05, 2013. In particular, Mongolia to host this year's World Environment Day (WED) in the frames of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), in conjunction the working group to organize the event was approved by the Government of Mongolia, chaired and responsible by Minister for Nature, Environment and Green Development Sanjaasuren OYUN.
- During his participation at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj was present at the signing ceremony on the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the Government of Mongolia and the World Economic Forum held on January 23, 2013.
Accordingly, a round-table meeting themed the "World Economic Forum's strategic dialogue on Mongolia's economic development perspectives and its tendencies" will be organized in association with the World Economic Forum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in September of 2013. An organizing committee is to be formed accordingly.

Source: Info Mongolia
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