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Zahájení nového projektu “New Railway”

On Saturday, January 26, the regular Cabinet meeting took place in the Government House, where several issues were discussed and resolved accordingly. Read more...
The first issue resolved was a concession given to "Mongolian Railway" JSC, however special permit for fundamental structure of the new railroad was given, but yet the concession was not granted. In the frameworks of implementing the "State Policy on Railroad", the Cabinet members consequently agreed to permit the "build-utilize-transfer" concession for fundamental structure of the new railroad to "Mongolian Railway" JSC.
In order to implement the "New Railway" project, 55 million USD is required at the first phase and will be financed within February of this year through Mongolian Development Bank.
Moreover, Minister for Economic Development N.Batbayar is responsible for mortgage repayments that will be added to the State Budget yearly.

Source: InfoMongolia
04.02.2013 18:56:59
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