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Mongolská vláda schválila kvóty pro lov zvěře v roce 2013

At the Cabinet meeting held on March 16, 2013, the Government of Mongolia approved the quotas and species of purpose hunting and catching some listed animals for 2013.Read more...
Since 1962, Mongolia allowed foreign nationals to hunt some endangered species for sport and game purposes in order to compound the state budget under particular fees, besides to balance the numbers of overpopulated species. For instance, a total of 50 Ugalz (male wild sheep - Argali), 102 mountain goats (Ibex), 3 red deer, 44 Mongolian gazelles, 13 roe deer, 7 wolves, 150 saker falcons and 545 wild birds were hunted through authorized agencies in 2012, in addition 260 fishers were welcomed, whereas 3.5 billion MNT (approx. 2.5 million USD) were collected accordingly. Due to recent 4-year's estimation, 50 Ugalz, over 170 mountain goats and about 200 saker falcons were permitted to hunt per year.
As for 2013, 15 Ugalz, 32 mountain goats, 10 red deer, 50 wolves, 40 roe deer, and 10 wild boars are allowed to hunt, besides 200 Taimen also known as Siberian Salmon are permitted to catch but to be released after.
In October 2012, at the Cabinet meeting it was resolved to name Falcon as the "National Bird of Glory", and shortly after in January 2013, a five-year ban was issued on the export of the Altai Falcons for any commercial purposes.

Source: InfoMongolia
05.07.2013 17:55:49
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