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Tyrannosaurus Bataar se vrací do Mongolska

The nearly complete, 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Bataar skeleton is to returned back to Mongolia following the high-profile prosecution of a Florida paleontologist by federal authorities in New York. A document signing to repatriate the Tyrannosaurus Bataar fossil is reportedly to take place in New York today, May 6th. More...
A group of researchers, paleontologists, journalists, the Head of the Office of the President, P.Tsagaan, Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ts.Oyungerel and officials of the Office of the President and from the State Investigation Department headed to the US to bring Tyrannosaurus bataar back to its homeland.

They met US officials at the Mongolia Representative Office in the UN on Saturday May 4th to arrange the return of the fossil.

The Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ts.Oyungerel said that "Mongolia will officially take possession of Tyrannosaurus Bataar today. The fossil will be shipped to Mongolian as soon as packaging is over"

Source: english.news.mn
05.07.2013 17:56:32
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