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Burjati pomáhají snižovat znečištění vzduchu v hlavním městě

Obyvatelé z Burjatska napomáhají snižovat znečištění vzduchu v hlavním městě  - obrázek

Obyvatelé z Burjatska napomáhají snižovat znečištění vzduchu v hlavním městě - obrázek

Recently, the Mongolian Government made a decision on the urgent ecological issue faced against the Ulaanbaatar city which is the huge inhaling smoke of burning coal during the cold season in Mongolia. The decision is related for replacing commutative by-product fuel instead of coal for the households in rural areas in Ulaanbaatar city by charge-free basis under the full financial supports from the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism of Mongolia along with the Mongolian Millennium Challenge Foundation. More...

On the scope of the Government decision, the portable gas stoves (designed for household heating system) are being manufactured in Buryatia and the General Expert of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Republic of Buryatia Larisa Ubeeva has informed regarding this issue with more details and noted “As per the inquiry from the Mongolian Government, we have contacted with our domestic portable gas stove manufacturer over 10 years of extensive experience in this field and the technical specifications of their product exactly meet with both economic and ecological requirements. The portable stove operates with liquefied propane butane gas and discharges only carbon oxide and steam. On this basis, our manufacturer company made research investigation on the closest approach for heating system inside the Ger (Mongolian traditional dwelling) and prepared the project for portable gas stove system which designed specifically for the Ger heating system in rural areas of Mongolia".
As of today, 200 portable gas stoves are ready to be shipped to Mongolia and another 700 stoves are in the next plan as well as total of 100 thousand households in the rural areas of Ulaanbaatar city will be supplied by the portable gas stoves by 2012.

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