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Mongol Bankhar to hunt for wolves in Buryatia - obrázek

Mongol Bankhar to hunt for wolves in Buryatia - obrázek

Due to the harsh winter conditions that have been occurring in Mongolia for the last couple of years, Mongolian gazelles or antelopes have started migrating into the territories of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China in order for wintering.  More...

It is estimated that alone some 1,000 gazelles migrated into China and 2,000 gazelles into Russian territory. Also the wolves from Mongolia are migrating to the neighboring countries. Russian border regions recently declared a “War against Mongolian wolves” because following the migration of antelopes into Russia the number of wolves has significantly increased in the regions.
The Government of Buryatia has started taking immediate measures by sending hunters for wolf hunting, and the distribution of wolf poisoning is being carried out in some regions.
According to the announcement issued by the Baikal-Daily agency yesterday on February 08, 2012, the herders of Kurumkansky District, Buryatia have decided to use “Bankhar” dogs also known the Mongolian Mastiff, the mighty Mongolian guard dogs for hunting on wolves instead of using poisoning or guns. So they have purchased the Bankhar dogs from Mongolia and were excited how good the dogs were for hunting, that’s why they have started breeding them for the purpose of reproducing and using for hunting.
Mongol Bankhar which means a "Guard Dog" is very loyal to its owner, and is very good at guarding cattle and hunting for wolves, and these good qualities were highly evaluated by the Buryatian experts.
Mongol Bankhar is bigger than the Tibetan Mastiff and has a darker color, but is not counted as a breed, reflects its use as a guardian of herds, flocks, Gers, monasteries and palaces.
Many Tibetan Mastiff breeders and owners claim that Marco Polo encountered the large Tibetan dogs in his travels and described them as "Tall as a donkey with a voice as powerful as that of a lion." However, reading of Polo's works does not support this. In fact, other travels told Marco Polo about these enormous dogs - and about unicorns and other exotic creatures.

Source: InfoMongolia


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