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Přijíždí delegace z Burjatska

Přijíždí delegace z Burjatska - obrázek

Přijíždí delegace z Burjatska - obrázek

A chairman of the parliament faction of the Mongolian People's Party, D.Lundeejantsan MP received Tuesday a delegation from the Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation, led by a Minister of Social Protection, N.N.Khamaganova. Read more...

"It should be noted that D.Arvin MP, who heads the Mongolian-Buryat parliamentary group, makes great effort tp expand inter-parliamentary cooperation and develop a cooperation in other sectors," he said mentioning that factions of two parties supported D.Arvin's project to run road in Khankh-Mond direction and to develop tourist activities on the basis of lakes Baikal and Khuvsgul and that some money have been reflected in the budget for this.
"I think that people should prefer travelling to the border areas of neighboring countries or visiting scenic spots of their homeland to going to USA or Japan, for example. The relationship between people is a priority for us," said Lundeejantsan stressing that he is ready to support the parties' cooperation in all sectors.
Following this meeting, the guests visited the hall of parliament sessions and saw the Nine White Banners that are erected in a place of honor at the Government house.

At the invitation of Mongolia-Buryat group in the Great State Hural, a delegation has arrived in UB city led by a Minister of Social Protection of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, N.N. Khamaganova.
On Tuesday, the delegation visited the Government Palace to exchange views with businesses of various sectors, NGOs, and leaders of Mongolia's women organizations.
A chairman of the parliamentary Standing Committee on social policy, education, sciencess and culture, head of Mongolia-Buryat parliamentary group D.Arvin has noted that "the establishment of a constant activity between the two parliaments is one of the expressions of the old-time good-neighborly relationship that has been established with our eternal neighbour". She has mentioned about a recent visit to Mongolia of parliamentary delegation of the Russian State Duma, headed by V.Maleev, during which the sides had exchanged views on key development issues between the two countries, and about a meeting with Buryatian authorities and business women, which took place late October this year in frames of the Mongolia-Buryat parliamentary group.
"I hope that our present meeting will give the two parties its fruiful results. As part of a cooperation agreement, in July 2011 in Ulaanbaatar will be hosted an exhibition on the exchange of experiences between women who managed to create their own business and family farm," she said and invited the Buryat side to take part in the opening ceremony of "Great Queens' palace" which will be erected in areas of the Queens of Genghis Khan.

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