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Cestování po Mongolsku

Cestování po Mongolsku - obrázek

Cestování po Mongolsku - obrázek

It's hard to beat Mongolia for outdoor travel, particularly during its mild, sunny summer. Camping, hiking, horseback riding or biking through stunning landscapes - from lush pastures to alpine forests to desert - offer a dream vacation for the active traveler. More...

The only problem is getting there. Roads are terrible, distances vast and language barriers challenging. It has often been said that you need plenty of money and time to get the most out of Mongolia. But that was when the country's former rulers controlled tourism.

Since the communists' departure in 1990, independent tour operators have mushroomed and national parks have been established to promote conservation - and to encourage travelers to explore the country's natural wonders on their own. Adventurous visitors can escape Ulan Bator 's urban sprawl without paying for a pricey package tour.

Here are a few tips for side trips once you've explored the city:

(day or weekend)

Gachuurt (20 km from Ulan Bator)

A short taxi or bus ride (departs opposite the UB Hotel) from the capital, this tiny settlement hosts a gher (round felt tent) camp near the Tuul river, an outdoor jazz café - and its first ever jazz festival, in August. Gachuurt is a great spot for fishing, swimming, horseback riding and hill-walking. Overnight gher stays, including meals, cost $25 a person.

Basic costs
Taxi/Jeep (including gas)  Tg 250 or 20 cent per km
Park permits  $ 1 per day
Guide (English-speaking)  $ 10 to $ 20 per day
Gher camp (with meals)  $ 15 to $ 60 per day per person
Homestay (including meals)  $ 15 to $ 20 per day per person
Horseback riding  $ 2 to $ 5 per hour; $15-20 per day guided tours

Terelj (80 km)

Stunning rock formations and forests make this national park a popular getaway. New this year are several park service-run "eco-ghers," so-called because profits made from selling handicrafts and hiring bicycles, horses, hiking and fishing guides (or maps for self-guided hikes and bird-watching tours) stay in the community. Visitors can spend the night and then hike to another gher (they are spaced 10 to 15 km apart).

Khustain Nuruu (100 km)

The nearly extinct Mongolian "wild takhi horse" more known as Przewalski horse was reintroduced to these grasslands southwest of the capital in 1993. The Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment runs an information center and gher camp here.

(1-2 weeks)

Dadal soum (560 km)

This northern village in Khentii province is noted not only for its forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, but also as the purported birthplace of Genghis Khan, in the small village, or sumon, of Dadal (also called Bayan Ovoo). Dadal has been difficult to reach, but a shared jeep can be hired from Ulaanabaatar city for about $15 a person each way; the 15-hour ride can be divided into a two-day journey with an overnight camping stop, including tents. Dadal's central post office is the place to make further travel arrangements for lodging in wood cabins ($ 15 a night) or homestays, or for bear-watching treks and other nature activities. All proceeds remain in the community.

Omnogobi (580 km)

The Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park offers a startlingly diverse landscape, from grassy pastures to dinosaur fossil beds, lunar landscapes, red sandstone formations and white sand dunes. From Ulan Bator, a return MIAT flight costs $142; the 24-hour bus trip - departing Mondays and Fridays - costs about $ 7; or pay $15 a passenger for a jeep ride, leaving at around 7 a.m. daily from the long distance bus station.

(1-3 weeks)

Lake Khovsgol (770 km)

This deep-water lake surrounded by mountains and pine forests is in the Khovsgol Khatgal National Park. Fly roundtrip to Moron for $144 return, or rent a car or taxi for the 20-hour trip by road. From Moron it is possible to get a car ride for $ 3 to Khatgal village located on the south leg of the lake. North from Khatgal there are more than 20 tourist camps laying in chain along the western side of the lake. On the way to Khatgal is the park's entrance; the park inspector will sell the necessary permits (save your receipt) and offers a list of English-speaking guides. It is possible to find guides, ger or homestays, camping, horse treks or fishing in the village.

Bayan-Olgii (1,600 km)

Mongolia 's western-most province boasts spectacular lakes, mountains, deserts and the 50,000 strong Kazakh minority who moved to Mongolia in 18 th century. Decades of isolation allowed them to well preserve their culture and now Mongolian Kazakhs routinely take the top literary and poetry awards from Kazakhstan. After 1990 half of the Kazakhs moved back to Kazakhstan lured by the promises of President Nazyrbayaev to provide jobs and allowances.

A flight costs $320 roundtrip, or pay $250 for a one-way jeep ride or $35 for a five-day bus journey. Mongol Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is a must-see. Two local Environment protection agency offers English speaking guides and will issue permits and also direct visitors to accommodation and tours, such as a visit to an ancient Hunuu burial ground.

One last tip: when booking tours or overnight stays in Mongolia , confirm the rate beforehand and ask if there are any other extra costs involved. And in the spirit of Mongolia 's nomadic peoples, bring along your sense of adventure.

Source: http://www.mongoliatoday.com/info/travel_routes.html


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