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Gratulujeme Lubomíru Svobodovi k získání potápěčské kvalifikace "divemaster"


Congratulation to Lubomir

to your diving qualification used throughout most of the world in scuba diving for a diver who has overall responsibility for a group of divers. Divemaster also refers to the lowest professional rating of most training agencies, such as PADI, SSI, SDI and NAUI.

Lubomir is a PADI Divemaster now and a PADI Digital  Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor. http://www.emergencyfirstresponse.com

More: http://www.bohemia-ub.com/potapeni.html

The certification is normally a pre-requisite for becoming an instructor in recreational diving.

The role of a Divemaster can be varied, but will predominantly encompass the following roles:
The whole PADI training system.

    * Organize, conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, both land and boat based.
    * Assist Instructors in conducting Diver programs.
    * Act as certified instructional assistant to PADI Instructors.
    * Supervise participants in PADI experience programs for uncertified divers.
    * Generally supervise both training and non-training related diving activities by planning, organizing and directing dives.
    * Teach and certify Skin Divers and Snorkellers
    * Conduct the Scuba Review programs for certified divers.
    * Enroll in Instructor level training

After successful certification as a Divemaster, you are able to purchase professional liability insurance (which may be required to conduct some diving activities).

Divemasters have the ability to travel and work in holliday destinations all around the world. They may work in diving resorts, private yachts, cruise ships and dive centres; anywhere where there is a demand for diving.


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