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Přímé lety mezi Ulánbátar a Londýnem

Přímé lety mezi Ulánbátar a Londýnem - obrázek

Přímé lety mezi Ulánbátar a Londýnem - obrázek

On April 17, 2012, the Prince Michael of Kent, who was on an official visit to Mongolia upon an invitation by the Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Batbold, was introduced with operational works of the "Chinggis Airways" which is preparing to conduct direct flights from Ulaanbaatar to London. More...

Prince Michael told to reporters, “I’m very delighted with the direct flights between Ulaanbaatar and London which will be of greater significance in trade, investment and economic partnership of the two countries.”

Even though the exact date of the first flight is not certain at the moment, but the Company gave its word to carry Mongolians during the 2012 London Olympics. B.Amarsanaa, representative of the Company said, “We are aiming to conduct direct flights to London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangkok. Prince Michael’s visit is a high important event to us. We deeply hope that our flights would drive British people and businessmen’s interests towards Mongolia”.

“Chinggis Airways” LLC was established in August 2011. The company made an agreement to rent the “Airbus 330-200” and “Airbus 319” aircrafts from “Air Italy” JSC in February of this year.

Source: InfoMongolia


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