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Výstavba šesti nadjezdů v rámci projektu "Road of sun"

Výstavba šesti nadjezdů v rámci projekt "Road of sun" - obrázek

Výstavba šesti nadjezdů v rámci projekt "Road of sun" - obrázek

S.Batbold made a report on the city's auto-road works done in 2008-2011 and nearest plans at the parliamentary session on November 18. In the last 20 years, no significant was done in this sector except for a "Road of sun" project, executed at the Japanese grant aid, and a capital repair of the Peace bridge at the Chinese aid. In the last 16 years, investments of 162 million-1.8 billion togrog would go each year for only road maintenance and/or repair. Read more...

The Government increased year by year investments from state and the capital city's budgets into the UB's road sector. A new form of investing--paying after a completion--was experienced for the first time in building 50 km of road.

Since 2008, 110.4 km of roads were run in the capital--42.5 km were newly built and 67.9 km were renovated. Then, a 169.1 meters iron-concrete bridges were built, 1,406.6 meters of bridges were renovated, and tunnels for pedestrians and for cars were built. For this, the state budget gave 61 billion togrog, the capital budget 16.8 billion, Mongolia's development fund 3.9 billion togrog, the Government reserve 0.8 billion, foreign loans and aids--37.3 million US dollars and 4.7 billion togrog, he said.

In addition, a maintenance and repair of the city's auto roads and bridges were financed by the Capital's auto road fund. A total of 26.7 billion togrog--4.4 billion in 2008, 5.6 billion in 2009, 7.2 billion in 2010--were collected from in this fund from a tax on auto transportation and others.
Now 350 km of roads will be renewed, and 212 km of auto roads and seven flyovers and conjunctions will be built.

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