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Konference "Metals Mongolia 2012"

Metals Mongolia 2012  - obrázek

Metals Mongolia 2012 - obrázek

The specialized conference for Mongolian mining and metallurgy investors, known as Metals Mongolia 2012, will be held on November 8-9 at the Chinggis Khaan Hotel. More...
The Metal Mongolia conference was initially held last year in 2011 and more than 1000 delegates from more than 20 countries attended. B.Batkhuu of the former Ministry of Mineral Resource and Energy stated, “Not long ago, only a few foreign investors were discussing the heavy industry sector, in Mongolia but during the Metals Mongolia conference, many representatives of investors from many countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Germany attended, which confirmed the notion that the world’s investors are taking an interest in the heavy industry Mongolia.”
Corporate giants recognised around the world, whose sphere of influence transcends continents such as POSCO of South Korea, Kobe Steel of Japan, Tau-Ken Samuruk of Kazakhstan, SAIL of India and Outkumpu of Finland all participated in the conference.
The Metals Mongolia 2012 is seen as vital to the future development of Mongolia by the new government as well as investors from all over the world. As the new government has yet to introduce the policies they will be implementing within mining and especially the metallurgy sector, investors will utilize the event to learn about these new policies.
The Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag said, “In the coming four years, our policy on all raw materials will be aimed at refining and processing them, and we hope to achieve a definite feasible result within this time.” Officials will present this policy and discuss their implementation.
The government will use the conference as a platform to introduce and promote their economic diversification plan by supporting eco friendly technology to the production and process of mining and metal refining, to increase their competitive capacity in the changing global market.
The event will take place shortly after the approval of policies regarding the Sainshand Industrial Complex, offering an additional platform for discussing the strategies of development within extractive industries.

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