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Projekt metra v UB byl schválen na zasedání městské rady

On March 28, 2013, the preliminary feasibility study by JICA for an underground metro in Ulaanbaatar city was introduced and consequently approved at the Capital City Citizens Representatives Khural (City Council) meeting. If the Government of Mongolia supports the Metro Project, metropolitans will be able serving by a new transportation - metro in 2020. Read more...

Representing the Municipal Government of Ulaanbaatar city, Deputy of the City Road and Infrastructure Department N.Gantumur introduced that the City Council selected the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)'s project because the expense was reasonable, moreover the Agency successfully implemented three big projects before such as "Sun Bridge" and "Sun Road" projects.

According to the Project, the complete map and feasibility studies will be accomplished within 1.5 year if to start from April, 2013, and construction works to start in 2016. The total route stretches at 17.7 km from Tolgoit (west of UB) to Amgalan (east of UB), of which from "25th Pharmacy" to "East 4-way Intersection" will be constructed underground and the rest part at open area on the elevated bridges.
Preliminarily, about 1.5 billion USD is required, if the JICA to implement the Metro Project, the Government of Japan offered to allocate 600 million USD of loan at easy-terms, and 200 million USD will be financed by other International Organizations, and Mongolia is able to finance the rest 700 million USD. Also, project initiators added that the Government of Mongolia would able to raise the necessary money, if sets into its State Budget 70 million USD annually.
By the estimation, civilians would run a complete tour within 15 minutes and to pay 600 MNT per ride. Also, in the frameworks of the project, 280 engineers and technicians will be trained in 2017-2018, besides 159 thousand of people would be provided with job opportunities, said the project team.

Source: InfoMongolia

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