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Španělská společnost nabídla primátorovi hl. města vlaky pro plánované linky metra

Representative for "ACS" Group (Spain) Mr. Emilio Asensio was received by the Governor of Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Erdene BAT-UUL at his Office on December 17, 2012. Read more...
Director Emilio Asensio proposed to collaborate in the field of public transportation in Ulaanbaatar and mentioned, "I heard that the Municipal Government of Ulaanbaatar is planning to have a metro in its capital city, thereby my visit is aimed to offer Maglev Trains (derived from magnetic levitation) in Ulaanbaatar, which cost three to four times cheaper and faster to build rather than using wheeled mass transit systems of Metro, moreover more effective on reducing the traffic jam and environmental air pollution. Hence, if you please the Mayor, we are ready to conduct a research work for Maglev Trains in Ulaanbaatar, therefore we need to get familiarized with local public transportation activities and please provide us with an opportunity to do so. We will soon hand you a very well done project."

Mayor E.Bat-Uul responded, "First of all, we appreciate for your visit and initiation. I laid duties to the authorities of Urban Planning and Designing Institute of Ulaanbaatar City to conduct a research work on developing the capital city transportation. Following the research work, we will meet again with authorities who proposed and select the most appropriate project. In the frames of the "General Plan of the City", several projects are planned to be implemented, for instance metro, new railroad lines and traffic roads. We glad to receive valuable advice and we will provide you with necessity opportunities to study the activities of Ulaanbaatar city public transportation."

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